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About Yepic

Find out what Yepic is all about and what we’re building!

Our Vision

The Go-To Platform for Tradespeople. The world’s largest community of tradespeople able to effortlessly showcase their work and manage their jobs.

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"To help tradespeople kick-ass. We love tradespeople, it's as simple as that!"

Our Mission



We want tradespeople to win! More work. Better work. Better customers. More money. Less admin. More recognition. More confidence.

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Is it really free?

Yes, the Yepic app is 100% free and always will be. 

It’s expected that Yepic's profits will come from product sales through a future planned, advanced, in-app shopping experience that doesn't compromise the user experience with ads.

Other Yepic tools such as the Hub for businesses might incur a small cost to use at some stage.

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Don’t miss out!

“We plan to make Yepic better than free! When the time’s right, a fantastic opportunity involving digital tokens allowing users to benefit in Yepic’s success will be launched. We want tradespeople to get involved early to help build the network, and those who do will benefit the most!”

Sam Overment – Yepic CEO

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Here to stay

Yepic is backed by the same people behind City Electrical Factors. We’ve got the plan, the resources, and the skills to build something special.

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The Yepic Roadmap

The job isn’t done yet! Here’s what we’re building.

Create Jobs From Photos

Grab a work photo. Use your phone’s GPS to find the address and create a job. Add time, notes, tasks, and other photos.

Track Site Visits

Use your phone’s location to automatically track site visits.

See All Your Job Photos

Yepic finds all your photos from a job and groups them together.

Updated look

Until now we've been focused on the technical stuff, but this is when we make the app look and feel like a world class app.

MVP Launched

Our minimum viable product is available on the app stores.

If you work alone, or just need help organising photos and tracking hours - this is when Yepic will work for you.
Sam overment, CEO - YEPIC


Access your Yepic account online and request access to your team's data to make your admin easier.

Share With Work Buddies

Share your jobs with your work buddies so they can use Yepic too. All your content will stay private.

Time Area

A new area in the app. Where you can view and share all your time entries by day, week, or month - like a timesheet.

This is when Yepic becomes a team tool that you can use with your work buddies.
Sam overment, CEO - YEPIC

GPS Labels And Notes

Add GPS location labels to photos and add notes.


Share a link and show your skills with your portfolio web page automatically generated by Yepic.

Job Exporting

With a couple of taps, you can share a job and all its contents with customers, teammates, or tutors.

Photo Area

A new area in the app. Where you can view and share all your photos from across all your jobs – like your camera roll.


Everything you can do with a photo – just with video.


Add handy attachments - like inspection records, certificates, and invoices to your jobs.

Set Reminders

Be reminded of appointments, inspection retest dates, or anything else.

Store Locator

Find your nearest suppliers and merchants and get directions.

Public Feed

Showcase your work by posting photos of your jobs to a public feed dedicated to the great work tradespeople do. Get a new job. Find new customers. Recruit staff. Get recommendations. Build partnerships.

A new shopping experience

A smarter way to find and buy the products and materials you need.

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